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With Ken Bertin Signs every single client enjoys a world class sign experience. Every. Single. One.

Yes, we do outdoor and indoor LED Digital Video Signs. Because we buy factory direct, these types of signs are more affordable than ever!

You need a sign. You know that what you have now is outdated or ineffective.

You NEED a sign that identifies and brands you, advertises for you 24-7, catches the eye (it’s useless if it doesn’t), and enhances your overall image (we know you’re the best, because we only work with the best).

You need a professional sign maker, licensed and insured, who will get the job DONE RIGHT!

Because we do ALL signs, we can make sure that you are presented with the best options for YOU, not just what we want or like to sell.

We are a Category of One with the best and most unique solution to your sign, website, social media, print and image development needs. Here’s why...

1. Multiple guarantees unmatched by ANYONE. (Goof Proof Guarantee, On Time Guarantee, Limited Lifetime Warranty)

2. Twenty five years of experience doing ALL signs. Most sign companies do not have the experience or the capabilities to present or handle the best options for their clients.

3. Our trademarked Proven Proof to Product World Class Sign Process sells itself. Start to finish, we have a full proof strategy for staying on time and delivering what we promised. Even better, you are kept in the loop at every stage of the process!

4. Want a Stadium Quality Outdoor LED Digital Display? No problem - we buy the highest quality units factory direct so they are AFFORDABLE.


Want to make *another* change to your design? No problem - you WILL get exactly the sign you want. Something went wrong?


Even though our trademarked Proven Process makes it highly unlikely that anything will ever go wrong, we’ll ALWAYS make it right!

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With Ken Bertin Signs every single client enjoys a world class sign experience. Every. Single. One.

We only team up with the best clients in order to give the best in signs.

If we’re working with you, then we’re all working with the best!

We recognize that this sign is YOUR SIGN, your image at stake… your baby. From proof to product…

You WILL get exactly the sign you want!

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Every sign project is supervised by a certified master craftsman with over 25 years of experience in the sign industry.

We have proven process that make sure we hit our goals every single time. Your sign will always be right on time!

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Every sign is

backed by a Lifetime Warranty that only Ken Bertin Signs has the longevity and financial strength to back up. We live in this community. We aren’t going anywhere.

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As a sign broker

we don’t have all the expenses the other people do. You get the best value

for your buck

every time!

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