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We do outdoor and indoor LED Digital Video Signs. Because we buy factory direct, these types of signs are more affordable than ever!


Economy Signs

Sign options exist that are very affordable, but amazingly versatile and durable. Banners can be printed full color these days that last a long time when mounted correctly. OPTIONS: Plastic signs, bandit signs (yard signs), real estate signs, vehicle decals, magnetic signs, a-frame (sandwich board) signs, retractable banner stands, window decals, etc. Check out the elegant image that is conveyed with our unique "etched glass" decal application (pic to the left)!



Most sign producers make their signs these days by printing full color graphics on a single sheet of vinyl decal material that is laid on a board of some kind (the substrate). Our standard boards are 4'x8' and 5'x10' ACM  (Aluminum Composite Material) that have a 30 year outdoor durability! These can be cut to any size. We also use top quality UV protected decals. Our signs last on average up to 10 years, and even 5 years in the south facing sun.



Lit signs can be expensive, to be sure. But my sign cabinets last up to 30 years, with LED module lighting that uses very little power, shines seriously bright, and lasts for 50,000 hours (5 year average). Lighted signs can be made in any shape and size, including individual channel letters and logo boxes. Notice the monument sign pictured here... Elegant street side appeal, backlit "halo" effect on the logo, and the text shows up black in the daytime.



You read it right. We are a distributor for a sign product that comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Even if the wind blows it away.

Even if a bear eats it.

Even if an alien spaceship abducts it... Guaranteed.

For life.

And these three dimensional letters and logos look and feel as ultra quality as they come! You'll be surprised how affordable they really are.


Monument Signs

Ken Bertin Signs™ is uniquely positioned partnership to provide outdoor digital displays and gorgeous monument signs

  • High Resolution Digital LED and LCD Displays

  • LED Lit Signs and Channel Letters

  • Long Lasting and Elegant

  • Your Own Marketing Silver Bullet

  • Built With the Latest DIP Technology

  • Limited Lifetime Warranties


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